Beautiful, Ethical, Natural & Rare

Naturally precious, Zultanite® is a new color changing, trademarked gemstone that is beautiful, rare, always natural and ethically mined.

Zultanite®’s beguiling color palette, combined with an exotic pedigree, has made it a favorite among jewelry connoisseurs around the globe.

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Wholesale Enquiries

Buy Zultanite® gemstones from mine to market - exclusively for the gem and jewelry trade.

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A Truly 'Green' Gem

Ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques, Zultanite® has a positive impact on the lives of its miners and the surrounding community.

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Genuine Rarity

Only found in one place in the world, Zultanite® is mined in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains at a remote location 4,000 feet above sea level.

As a single mine gemstone, Zultanite®’s genuine rarity is undeniable.

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A Gem That Changes Color?

Zultanite® displays different colors when viewed under different light sources.

Click the link below to experience the unique beauty of Zultanite® as it rotates through sunlight to candlelight.

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Zultpedia: The Ultimate Zultanite® Resource

From its origins in Turkey to how to get Zultanite® appraised, Zultpedia contains a wealth of information on Zultanite®, one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful gemstones.

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